Work With Me

Are you a Venture Capitalist, a director of a business accelerator or incubator, or maybe just some crazy billionaire that wants me to build you cool flying stuff so that you can fight crime?

Do you have an interesting project? Does your project have a high budget, a high profile and some good press, or come with free trip to some exotic lands where I can sip cocktails with beautiful women in between hacking out features? But seriously, if you have an interesting project let me know.

Licensing/Purchasing IP:

Companies have also on occasion inquired as to purchasing or licensing intellectual property from me. Most of my projects are fairly experiential but I am also happy to have a conversation about.


I am fairly particular about the projects I take on. Here are some of the criteria I look for:

  • Does the project fall within something that interests me or I have spent extensive time gaining an expertise in? Trilateration of wifi and bluetooth signals, Genetic Learning Algorithms, or Image and Pattern Recognition?
  • Is the project high profile? Will it lead to the press that has gotten me the big bucks so far?
  • Does it have a high enough budget to accommodate myself and whichever team I need to put together to get the job done?
  • Will it take me somewhere fun and interesting? I would love to spend some time in London(and a number of other places).
  • Are you and the people I will be working with fun and interesting?

Dates and Rates:

I typically book projects in 90 day increments. My rates are based on demand. Feel free to email me to inquire about my rates and availability.

Contacting Me:

Tweet at me, LinkedIn message me or if your feeling risky shoot me an email mlea -at- schematical -dot- com. I must warn you I only check email about once a day and even less when on a creative hiatus. Primarily because it keeps me focused; I am a technician, not a manager so focus is imperative. Don't worry if you contract with me I will open up other ways to connect with me faster using tools like Slack.

Other Options:

If I am not available for contract I still may be able to offer introductions or refer you to someone else who can help you.

Finally please check out for my technical projects and for my insights on business and life.